<b>How to sort out huge quantity of various names of pipe tobaccos? Part 1</b> <p>What are berley, latakia, perique and so on...</p> <p>About all of these we decided to tell here, at the very beginning of the list of the most or less famous, but not least worthy tobaccos.</p> <p>Beginner and experienced smoker will be able to find here everything what they desired to know about pipe tobaccos. To tell to person who smokes cigarettes or doesn't smoke at all about all existing pipe tobacco sorts, their nuances, fine points and differences, you can be easily considered a dreamer. If telling such people that pipe smoking is not just simple filling of pipe with any tobacco and moreover, not tobacco spalled from cigarette, than you can be not believed again, but, most likely, just will consider you a snob or fop. But, if you will start telling about difference between various tobaccos, blends, mixtures...</p> <p>And, however, pipe smoking and favorite tobacco selection is a serious, difficult and important matter. Each person has its own biochemistry that determines in large extent what he considers delicious or disgusting. Of course, the same happens when you choose tobacco. But who haven't felt difference in taste of the pipe smoked after a good dinner and pipe smoked outside, on hunt, walk, fishing?</p> <p>In a word, to choose tobacco is not less difficult (but, probably, more difficult) than choose a good pipe. There is no perfect, absolute tobacco that would fit any smoker and it cannot be inherently.</p> <p>Especially difficult is to find "your own" tobacco for pipe smoker beginner who doesn't understand sorts of tobacco yet, ingredients of various blends, doesn't know difference between tobacco types and various tobacco "spices". Partly it looks like situation when person came to restaurant with unknown cooking and got menu with twenty pages. Many names sound attractive, but absolute lack of knowledge of what is it in fact, deprive of provided freedom of choice of any value. But for person who smokes for the first time such menu at all is written at foreign language and is suitable only for dabbing with finger by guesswork.</p> <p><center><img src="http://cigline.net/img_news/pipe_tobacco1.jpg" alt=""></center></p>