<p><b>History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 5</b></p> <p><b>Life style</b></p> <p>Today's style of business life implies refuse from smoking. Health and sport are idols of modern Western businessmen. Smoking bans become more and more widespread both in offices of big corporations and in public places. In 2003 under the New York mayor ordinance was prohibited smoking in all locations of public catering.</p> <p>Today tobacco companies bear multi-million claims from luckless smokers. Manufacturers are obliged to warn each consumer about perilous consequences of pernicious habit.</p> <p>However, as worldwide statistics shows smokers rows don't thin out. And today many of them try to assert their rights for smoking there where they feel comfortable. To smoke or not to smoke - everyone decides himself. If you made your choice in favor of smoking, try to make your habit a beautiful ritual.</p> <p>Here modern branded products and accessories for smokers will help you.</p> <p>Here are few advices from them.</p> <p>Pass from cigarettes to pipe or cigars. Such smoking is less harmful, besides pipe smoking will add to your image conservatism and elegancy. Special attributes for pipe smoker, such as supports, tobacco pouches and brush for mouthpiece cleaning, special shelves for pipe, ashtrays and rammers will add to your cabinet style of an expensive club and will create sense of respectability of your business at your clients.</p>