<p><b>History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 4</b></p> <p>Cigars, cigarettes, pipes</p> <p>Smoking from beginning was accessible only for noble and wealthy people. Before tobacco hasn't started to be grown in Turkey, each bale of tobacco leafs has overcame uneasy travel through Atlantis. Those times most Spanish and Portugal seniors smoked cigars that were rolled in a special way of thin tobacco leafs. Cigars were awfully expensive and majority of usual people had to satisfy in the proper sense of the word with cigar butts.</p> <p>Grinding tobacco that has left inside the butts, not rich smokers have rolled quirlies that became prototype of future cigarettes. Cigarettes have acquired wide popularity only in XX century; their spreading is connected with World War I. Those times cigarettes were called "soldier's baccy" and tobacco companies have produced them in cardboard packs without mouthpiece and filter.</p> <p>With mouthpiece appearance we are obliged to ladies of the beginning of the century. When smoking came into vogue among emancipated women, tobacco companies, to meet the needs of women in order tobacco not to enter the mouth but paper not to get soaked of the lipstick have invented the mouthpiece. This novelty has assimilated and received name "smokes". At he middle of 1920's Philip Morris and American Tobacco Company produce cigarette brands intended especially for women - <a href="http://www.cigline.net/?action=discount&cigarettes=Marlboro&#8719;=24"><b>Marlboro</b></a> and <a href="http://www.cigline.net/?action=discount&cigarettes=LuckyStrike&prod=62"><b>Lucky Strike</b></a>. During the World War II cigarettes on the same bases as food are included in soldier's ration. Tobacco companies send to the front million of cigarettes free of charge. After the War companies have got hundreds thousands of loyal cigarettes' consumers.</p> <p>Beginning with 1960 already entire world is smoking. And at this time begin first anti-tobacco campaigns that appeal to impose ban for tobacco advertising. Since 1971 tobacco advertising is fully removed from Television Broadcasting in USA, however tobacco remains at second place in the list of the most advertised goods after cars.</p> <p>Pipe as compared to "mean-born" cigarettes and smokes comes together with tobacco from American continent. And today on a par with cigar remains an attribute of expensive and aristocratic life.</p>