<p><b>History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 3</b></p> <p>The Smoking Museum in Paris</p> <p>Of course, it is impossible not to immortalize and long history. So, in France exists unique smoking Museum. It is placed in Paris, on Pash street, near the Bastille square.</p> <p>Museum exposition reproduces smoking history on examples of prints, gravures, various exhibits, plants and objects. During many centuries smoking was considered by some people as wizardry, by some - as devilish bad luck, buy others as sign of the art of living, evidence of which are pictures and paintings exhibited in museum. At exposition is presented wonderful collection of pipes of various forms and each of them has its history. Among unusual exhibits are room deodorants, mill for withered leaves, pipes with secret sections, shaman tobacco from Amazon. Exhibition is devoted not only to cigarettes, but to everything that can be smoked - cigars, hemp and so on. In small greenhouse are grown tobacco and tomato bushes (there is opinion that they contain nicotine).</p> <p>However there is no telling that exhibition only propagandizes tobacco. Here can be found preventive and informational brochures about smoking harm. In a little store by museum can be acquired various things and devices for smoker's comfort: air humidifiers, smoking pipes made of heath and glass and also methodical brochures about how to quit smoking.</p>