<p><b>History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 2</b></p> <p>Governments of different countries tried to struggle with tobacco smoking, naming it "demonic destruction". So, in Great Britain and Ottoman Empire in the end of XVI century smokers were equaled to magicians and were punished with "beheading". Though victorious parade of tobacco through the Old World no punishments could stop.</p> <p>Some of the reasons of such lightning spreading of overseas habit became invincible belief of luminous intellects in tobacco healing property of those times.</p> <p>In 1571 Spanish Doctor Nicolas Mondares has published work about healing plants of New World. In it the scientist has mentioned that tobacco can vindicate till 36 various diseases.</p> <p>Catherine de Medicis considered tobacco a medicine and used it to treat migraine. At French court it was used as remedy for toothaches, pain in bones and stomach upset. Smoking quickly becomes the privilege of rich and noble people. In XVII century tobacco became so popular that it is used in reciprocal payments. At the end of XVIII century during the War for independence American states have paid with tobacco to their French creditors.</p> <p>In the same XVIII century in most European countries people have realized uselessness of struggle with "heavy habit" and have canceled smoking bans. Tobacco trade became state monopoly that has considerably boosted the state coffers.</p>