<p><b>How to smoke pipe. Part 5</b></p> <p>6. Don't be afraid to use brushes during smoking. Often, when you smoke, pipe begins to gurgle. Especially often it happens with curved pipes where easily gathers moisture. And the sound is nasty and drops of moisture saturated with nicotine when getting in mouth leave very unpleasant sensation. That is why as soon as pipe begun to gurgle bravely insert the brush in pipe's air passage and soak moisture. And calmly smoke after that. Although, this advise is especially good for pipes without filter. But also in filtered pipes brush will reach only half of mouthpiece, absorbing extra moisture.</p> <p>7. Remember, that pipes must be changed every day. Pipe must rest not less than one day before smoking it again.</p> <p>8. Never take to pieces pipe while it is still warm. In such a way it can be easily broken. Pipe mustn't cool down completely before you take the mouthpiece off it and start cleaning.</p> <p>9. If you beforehand have bought not broken in pipe, you obligatory have to form "jacket" on pipe's walls - thin burnt layer that will protect pipe from burning. There are a lot of methods of breaking in the pipe. The most widespread - smear inside surface of the cup with thin layer of honey. It will help to form quicker the snuff that is called "jacket". Jacket is needed for your pipe to be smoked chilly and cup will not burn down.</p> <p>10. And the most important to get pleasure from pipe smoking time is required. You can smoke a cigarette on the run, on work, in WC. Pipe is a ritual. Choose an hour-two, relax. Allow the fuss let you for a while. Slowly and accurately fill in the pipe. Lean back comfortably in your favorite arm-chair. Light up cigar and take full mouth of aromatic smoke. Let out clouds of smoke and feel how all your problems disappear in it.</p>