<b>How to smoke pipe. Part 4</b> <p>3. Fill in the pipe correctly. This ability will come with experience, but be aware that too tight and too weak filled pipes will be smoked hot and will bite the tip of the tongue. There are a lot of methods to fill in the pipe. But their essence always comes down for the pipe to be uniformly and accurately filled in such a way that when pressing with finger on tobacco filled into the pipe it would spring a little. First, fill in the cup in full but with very free tobacco. Ram it with finger till half of the volume in such a way that it would spring a little. Repeat it couple of times more. It is more convenient to fill the pipe with tobacco in three portions, sequentially accurately ramming it with finger or special rammer. Light it up and enjoy!</p> <p>4. To light the pipe is better with wooden matches or gas lighter. Don't use cardboard matches or be benzene lighters (although exist special Zippo lighters for pipes). Tobacco very easy absorbs outside aromas that is why don't use something else besides matches or butane to light up tobacco. By the way, matches are preferably as butane's burning temperature is higher than the wood's and lighter's flame can scorch the pipe.</p> <p>5. Don't be ashamed to light your pipe up often. Many beginners consider that experienced smokers light their pipes up from first time and if to use few matched for lighting up, it will show that they are beginners. Don't feel shy - use as many matches as you need. Two matches for lighting up you will need only on pipe smoking championships. Use as many matches as you need - match's manufacturers will love you!</p> <center><img src="http://cigline.net/image/pipe_smoking.jpg" alt=""></center>