<b>How to smoke pipe. Part 3</b> <p>And the last important question - breaking in.</p> <p>Exists opinion that before breaking in it would be good to treat pipe with alcohol (rum, brandy or cognac), but being friend of tobacco, alcohol is briar's enemy.</p> <p>Honey is another pair of shoes: it will not spoil the wood and significantly will soften first smoking. Smokers-beginners sometimes exercise considerable ingenuity trying to accelerate process of breaking in the pipe. They abuse their pipes with open fire, incandescent needle and even with vacuum cleaner.</p> <p>Be aware: exist no method of quick breaking in! But pipes are victims of such barbarian treatment, they survive seldom! First five-six pipes are filled in on quarter, the next ten - on half, five more on three-quarters and more five-six fill in up to the brim, complying at this rules of filling described above. This process is laborious and requires patience but namely it provides regular snuff. Many smokers prefer another method of breaking in a pipe: the pipe is fully filled and is smoked till the end. This method is disputable except small pipes with narrow bottom. They may be broken in using the second method.</p> <p>First pipe is quite uneasy. Pipe is generally a complex thing, mysterious and interesting. But the first one is the most important. It is possible that you will not get any pleasure from first pipe smoking but you mustn't despair. Try and you will succeed. Considering all above stated, here are some advices for beginners:</p> <p>1. Always smoke fresh, rested, clean and dry pipe. If in pipe remained from the last lighting up tobacco that hasn't burned down, it doesn't manage to inhale and will taste bitter. Always, after cleaning the pipe after smoking allow it to cool down, clean and let it to have rest minimum for a day.</p> <p>2. Always use quite well moistened tobacco. If you don't buy fresh tobacco in tobacco shop from humidor and don't store it well-packed, tobacco easily dries up. Dry tobacco burns quickly and hot and is not good neither for the pipe neither for you. From another part tobacco cannot be over moistened. Such tobacco is difficult to light up, it burns badly, it is difficult to be inhaled what will make you "puff over" more diligently and you will inhale hotter smoke. Such smoking will not be nuts for you. Ideal conditions to store tobacco - approximately the same like for cigars: approximately 70% humidity and 18 Celsius degree. Of course it is difficult to support exact such conditions and it is not strictly necessary.</p> <p>If you make tobacco stocks, than store it like in shop - in special tobacco humidors made of glass or porcelain or big hermetic jars made of glass. Usually, tobacco packs are hermetically sealed in such a way that if you store them for a long time in opened condition, you will manage to smoke tobacco whiles it is fresh. If you smoke seldom it has sense to place in tobacco pouch small piece of sponge impregnated with water. Sometimes in tobacco pouch is placed thin slice of apple. (Although you will have to change it every day in order not to spoil tobacco as it can sour).</p>