<b>How to smoke pipe. Part 2</b> <p>From what to light up - from matches or from lighter - it is your own business. It is important for lighter to be gas with side flame. Benzene is no good as it gives unpleasant aroma and flavor to tobacco. Lighting up doesn't endure hurry and vanity. From how will you do this depends quality, flavor and smoking duration. So... You have brought flame to tobacco; having a turn, tobacco has risen, spread, the pipe's cup became similar to punk's hairdo, but pipe hasn't lighted up. Taking box of matches or beetle of the tee, flatten and make even this surface again. It is very important to burn entire surface as unevenly lighted pipe is smoked from one side, blows out; snuff inside it forms friable and uneven.</p> <p>Don't light up the pipe on the run, don't do it in hurry. Concentrate, it is very important in moment of filling and lighting up. If the pipe smoking will not become for you the process of reflection and meditation, some kind of ritual, than you should remember at least that pipe is not a cigarette, it cannot be smoked very quickly and carelessly. With each smoking your pipe acquires its own unique taste, its own aroma. Remember: pipe doesn't endure violence, it lives its own life and, probably, observation of French poet Bodler is fair: "Soon, you will notice a strange peculiarity that most likely pipe is smoking you than you smoke it." Its smoking requires persistence and gradually, while perfection it grows into pleasure.</p> <p>When smoking a pipe many people face two extremes: it either overheats, or blows out. If pipe has blown out at the beginning or at the middle of smoking, don't be afraid to light it up again. You shouldn't do this only at the end of smoking in order not to burn out the pipe and not to damage snuff that has formed.</p> <p>If pipe has gone out, place it in the box with the cup down; wait till it cools down and than without any effort clean out the remainders of tobacco with help of tee's shovel.</p> <p>There is no ideal pipe inhaling, just in time you will feel when it is necessary to strengthen inhaling and make it oftener and when - rarer and weaker. With experience you will acquire skill and you will learn to determine from cooled down ashes how well was your pipe smoked. Ideally a good smoker will not have tobacco remainder and you will empty from pipe a bunch of grey ash.</p> <p>Of course, pipe smoking can be stopped at any moment, but in this case it is better to fill it just enough of how much you are going to smoke.</p> <p>One pipe will not be enough. While smoking snuff and cup's walls absorb moisture that have formed in process of condensation that is why pipe must get fry not less than twelve hours. How many pipes you need, you will calculate yourself, depending on how often you smoke during the day.</p>