<b>How to smoke pipe. Part 1</b> <p>Person that has refused pipe only because he hasn't managed to fill it correctly or to burn it or because from the very beginning he has chosen bad pipe, refuses himself in pleasure. Mastering some time-tested rules, you will achieve level when smoking will give you pleasure but pipe will be better smoked and will serve longer. So, in front of you are pipe, pack of tobacco and matches... Some people imagine that tobacco can be filled in anyhow, that it is not important at all and that it is possible to treat pipe equally carelessly as with a cigarette. Such interpretations also are reasons of all troubles of all pipe smokers-beginners. On the owner's rudeness pipe shows its own defense: inhales badly, goes out, overheats, moistens and, finally, can burn out from one side or burn down in whole.</p> <p>The most important is to fill tobacco in with pinches. First pinch must be just placed on the bottom of the cup. It means that only a little of tobacco is taken as it will be the bottom portion of filling. Before continuation, check with the finger, not pressing down, if tobacco is lying evenly. The next pinches should be placed lightly pressing them with finger, gradually increasing the density of filling and in such a way till the very top. Simultaneously placing the next portion, inhale air through mouthpiece, checking in such a way if pipe is smoked well.</p> <p>When cup is filled till the edges it is necessary to press tobacco with the thumb last time - this action requires delicate artistry that comes with years. This action prevents possible unevenness of tobacco surface that is lightened and adds finishing touch to filling. For lightening is very important for filled in tobacco's surface to be ideally even. Then you must one more time check if the air in the pipe goes though easy and make sure that nothing messes with it. If air goes through too free you have to press with thumb one more time and add a little of tobacco.</p> <p>If tobacco is inhaled badly it should be emptied and the procedure should be repeated, but it is possible that the problem is in a little tobacco leaf that has blocked passage. In this case separate the mouthpiece from the cup and with a brush or a needle of the tee push it though in the pipe's cup. Unskilled smoker can feel disgust to his pipe after few bad fillings but it is entirely his fault. Pipe that is correctly and compactly filled is smoked better than pipe filled easily - it is the question of personal preference. In any case follow the technique that was described above. Also, it is necessary to remember that it is easier to fill in the pipe with big cut tobacco, than there is less probability that tobacco will block the pipe's smoke channel. It is necessary to fill in tobacco more compactly as it has property to go up, but fresh, on the contrary, is placed flat and compactly that is why filling must be lighter. If tobacco is very dry, mix it with the fresh one. And, finally, how to determine: fresh tobacco or dried? Take big pinch of tobacco, place it on surface, and squeeze it with three fingers and then let it off. If tobacco has gone to pieces at once - it is dried, if not at once - it is normal, if it doesn't go to pieces for long time - it is damp. The pipe is filled. Now you have to light it, and it is also a science.</p>