<p><b>Tobacco brands. Part 1</b></p> <p>Exist approximately 60 sorts and more than 1000 varieties of plant from "tobacco" family, but are cultivated only two of them - Nicotiana tabacum (is used in cigarette, cigar and pipe tobacco production) and Nicotiana rustica (for hookah tobacco and cigarette tobacco of low quality, such as Syrian tobacco). <p>In the world exist few main sorts of tobacco and on their bases are prepared various and innumerable blends. The most widespread tobacco sort is Virginia; it makes around 2/3 of world tobacco production. It is "light" tobacco of stream elaboration; it is the base for majority cigarettes and pipe tobaccos. Also to "light" tobaccos but naturally dried relates "Berli" sort, it like Virginia was for the first time grown in USA, but now it is spread in entire world. Berli is valued by pipe fans and in pipe blends because it absorbs different aromas well and never has a bitter taste.</p> <p><b>Pipe tobacco</b></p> <p>Pipe tobacco is divided into 2 main categories. First category includes English and Scottish brick tobaccos that ripen in pressed bricks and are released from sugar that forms naturally. Second category includes tobaccos of American type in which different flavor additives are used.</p> <p><b>Kentucky</b></p> <p>Kentucky tobacco takes its name from American state with the same name. This tobacco dried with fire can be met in USA, Malawi, Tanzania, Italy, Poland and Indonesia, it has dark-brown, close to black color and strong, saturated taste. Nicotine content is bigger than in Burley sort - quite strong tobacco. Addition of Kentucky in blends gives them special strength, original flavor.</p> <p><b>Burley</b></p> <p>Burley is relatively young tobacco with wonderful aroma and, consequently it is often used in aromatic purposes. Burley is grown in states Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. It distinguishes with low content of sugar, it has a lot of nicotine and it smolders slowly. Also Burley has rich, saturated nutty taste. Another tobacco of air drying that is often used in different blends is Maryland tobacco.</p>