<p><b>Tobacco varieties. Part 4</b></p> <p><b>9. Cameroon and Central African Republic.</b> In these two countries tobacco that got the name "Cameroon". This sort is originated from sort of tobacco Sumatra that was imported in these countries. Leafs that are produced from this sort of tobacco have pleasant dark-brown color with a little greenish color with specific for this leaf, so called, "bristling". Thanks to its perfect structural qualities and not bad taste flavor, leafs of Cameroon tobacco are mainly used as covering leaf.</p> <p><b>10. Philippines.</b> On Philippines are gown hybrid sorts of Sumatra tobacco from which is received tobacco with perfect aroma properties and quite moderate strength.</p> <p><b>11. Ecuador.</b> In Ecuador are mainly grown tobacco sorts Connecticut and Sumatra from which is received high-quality covering leaf that distinguishes with specific silky surface. Tobacco, grown in Ecuador has softer aroma and faint strength.</p> <p><b>12. Jamaica.</b> On Jamaica Island traditionally were cultivated Cuban sorts of tobacco, however aroma of tobacco leafs grown here is much softer.</p> <p><b>13. Italy.</b> Tobacco, grown in Italy had very dark color but perfect aroma properties.</p> <p><b>14. Myanmar.</b> In this country are mostly cultivated Cuban sorts of tobacco. Tobacco, grown in Myanmar has dark colored leafs.</p>