<p><b>Tobacco varieties. Part 3</b></p> <p><b>6. Mexico.</b> At nicotiana tabacum (that have got spreading in entire world) homeland at present moment are grown not only national sorts of tobacco but some sorts of tobacco that have gone long way of selection in other countries of the world - first of all on Cuba, and also in Indonesia (Sumatra and Java sorts).</p> <p>The main sort of Mexican tobacco is Tabaco Negro - national sort of Mexican black tobacco, which's leafs are used as outer envelope of maduro cigars.</p> <p><b>7. Brazil.</b> Brazilian variety of brasiliensis tobacco, as well as Cuban havanensis also is hybrid of tobacco from nicotiana tabacum family, imported from Mexico. At present moment the most popularity in Brazil got the following two sorts of tobacco:</p> <p>"Mata Fina" - tobacco of vivid-dark color with rich aromatic properties, is mainly used as cigars' filler.</p> <p>"Arapiraca" - another national sort of tobacco but less famous as it doesn't have so rich properties as its compatriot.</p> <p><b>8. Indonesia.</b> Indonesian sorts of tobacco take their origin from Cuban variety havanensis that got name purpurea. The main sort of this variety of tobacco is:</p> <p>"Sumatra, Java" it is sort that provides leaf of dark-brown color with refined structural pattern and integument silkiness, has pleasant smooth aroma. This sort of tobacco began to be grown in many countries and is widely used in small cigars and cigars of machine twisting manufacturing.</p>