<p><b>Tobacco varieties. Part 2</b></p> <p><b>2. Connecticut (USA).</b> In Northern America are mainly grown sorts of tobacco of virginica family that is also hybrid of nicotiana tabacum. For growing cigar's tobacco leaf at present moment are used two main sorts of tobacco:</p> <p>"Connecticut Shade" - sort of tobacco that is grown in shade and gives leafs that have perfect elasticity and wonderful light brown color of golden shade.</p> <p>"Connecticut Broadleaf" is another sort of Connecticut tobacco that is grown under the sun. It's leafs have much denser structure and are used mainly for Maduro cigar outer envelope production.</p> <p><b>3. Dominican Republic</b></p> <p>"Piloto Cubano" this sort of tobacco is famous with rich and strength of its aroma, comes from Cuban district Vuelta-Abajo.</p> <p>"Olor Dominicano" sort of tobacco with lighter aroma.</p> <p>"San Vincente" is hybrid sort of tobacco that comes from Piloto Cubano and according to its strength takes intermediate place among two first.</p> <p><b>4. Honduras.</b> As tobacco of local sorts is considered very faint for cigars, in Honduras is mainly grown tobacco of Cuban sorts. That is why it is considered that cigars made in Honduras have Cuban aroma.</p> <p><b>5. Nicaragua.</b> Here are mainly grown sorts of Connecticut tobacco that gives as it is considered the best cigar outer envelope in the world and also as in Honduras for getting tobacco leafs for cigars' filler are cultivated Cuban sorts of tobacco and their hybrids.</p>