Tobacco has been delivered to Europe from the South America in 16 century. Despite smoking existing ban in those times from churches and the government, tobacco smoking became a widespread habit among the population of the European countries.<br /><br /> The structure of a tobacco smoke is combined. There is identified about 500 substances in it. But the basic pharmacologic active substance served by nicotine (sharp effects) and pitch (chronic action).<br /><br /> It is known about a small number of diseases which develop at smokers less often, than at the non-smoking!<br /><br /> They are: a toxicosis of pregnancy, pulmonary postoperative embolism ( blood-vessel occlusion - dangerous complication), Parkinson's disease, ulcerative colitis, an Alzheimer's disease (at smokers never develops!). Also frequency of a endometrium cancer is slightly lower at smoking women, than at the non-smoking. But all the same it is necessary to underline that these minor favorable effects cannot be compared with the risk caused by constant smoking! All know that smoking causes the heaviest forms of many illnesses.<br /><br /> <div style="text-align:center;"><img src="/image/employee.jpg" alt="" border="0" /></div>