<p align="justify"> <img src="/image/newsimage1.png" border="0" style="padding-right:10px;" align="left" > To kick the habit such as smoking, the Dutch experts plan to spoil the taste of cigarettes. To be more precise they want to develop a special diet that won't provide any desire to light up a cigarette after meat.<br /><br /> Dutches are investigating foodstuff from the position of "desire" to smoke after their use. So it has been found experimentally that after eating meat, drinking coffee and alcohol - the taste of a cigarette is much more pleasant. But dairy products, juice, vegetables and fruit reduce the pleasure from tobacco.<br /><br /> The Dutch researchers consider that the knowledge of gustatory compatibility of cigarettes and a foodstuff will allow to create "an antinicotine" diet. So it will be easier to kick the habit due to reducing the pleasure from smoking.<br /><br /> Besides, scientists are going to use the silver acetate in the same purposes. It can spoil the taste of cigarettes heavily.</p>