<p>One of the tobacco producing company declared about the production of a brand new beverage that tastes like a cigarette.</p> <p>According to the conception of the company, this novelty should substitute the traditional tobacco products in pubs and bars, where people are not allowed to smoke officially. The drink does not contain nicotine, but it is based on herbal extracts from South Africa, which allow people to feel themselves as after smoking of a real tobacco. Liquid analogue of cigarettes has a slight stimulating effect, after which the feeling of euphoria changed into tranquility as it happens after cigarette smoking.</p> <p>A bottle which resembles a cigarette, won't be marked with a warning about hazardous effect of cigarette smoking. 250 ml of its content will be equated to 20 calories, and the price of the jar will be approximately 1.5 pounds.</p> <p>"It tastes like a fruit herbal beverage", - says Martin Hartman, the representative of the producer factory. He also says that "for the smokers in trains, public places and airplanes - any place where smoking is forbidden - liquid cigarettes are indespensible!"</p>