BAT is interested in purchasing of Turkish tobacco company Tekel Cigarette <p>British American Tobacco is interested in purchasing of Turkish public company Tekel Cigarette. The assessed value of this company according to analytics is $1-1,5 billion.</p> <p>It is the third time when Turkish government attempts to sell Tekel Cigarettes company. As for this one, it will be probably sold very soon. Previous attempts to sell Turkish tobacco producer failed because there was insufficient quantity of applications at the auction. Companies did not offer Turkish government the required price.</p> <p>Along with British American Tobacco three more groups of companies &#8208; syndicate which is headed by the Turkish conglomerate Dogan Holding - granted applications for purchasing. One more syndicate which includes Turkish building company Lima Insaat and the syndicate which includes Civen company, specializing the purchasing of control packet of shares.</p> <p>Today Philip Morris Company takes the leading position at Turkish cigarettes market. Tekel the share of which has been reducing recently has 29%. BAT controls almost 7% of the Turkish market.</p> <center><img src="" alt=""></center>