European Commission offers to extend financing of anti tobacco informational campaigns <p>European Commission offered to extend financing of the Tobacco Fund for 2 years more. Informational campaigns about hazardous effect of cigarettes smoking are carried out at the expenses of the Tobacco Fund. As EuroNews reports, the Tobacco Fund was founded in 2004. Every year 5% of grants are allocated for its formation. These grants are assigned by Brussels to tobacco producers in the context of one agricultural policy of EU.</p> <p>By 2010 this subsidization will be stopped. The Fund financing has been planned only till the end of 2007. If the offer of European Commission is met with approval, the Fund will be provided with financing till the end of 2009, annual budget of anti tobacco informational campaigns carried out by EU will come to 17 mln. Euro.</p> <p>Thus, European Commission proceeds with scaled attack on smoking. In the middle of the last year, in EU total ban on cigarettes and tobacco advertising was introduced. Cigarettes advertisement is forbidden in the press, radio and TV. Some EU countries introduced smoking ban in public places. Along with smoking bans, EU leadership does not refuse persuasion methods.</p>