To the last drop of nicotine <p>Recently almost every day new information about the tightening of tobacco legislation appears. The president Turkey Abdullah Gul signed the new smoking ban in bars and restaurants, and in Thailand cigarette smoking is forbidden even in alfresco cafes and markets. Meanwhile surge of protests among indignant smokers arises all over the world. Israel, for instance, is going to give back to its citizens at least the part of nicotine freedom.</p> <p>The tide of tobacco restrictions arose as early as 2003 after 56th session of WHO, when the international convention against smoking was signed. By 2008 almost a hundred and fifty of countries and European Union joined it. The document provides for restrictions or total prohibition of tobacco advertising, different tax measures, and tough cigarettes marking requirements. Convention also binds to indicate cigarettes and tobacco smoke content on cigarettes packs. But the most unpleasant thing for smoker is smoking ban in public places and rise in cigarettes prices.</p> <p>Opposition also was met by many European countries. Thus, in German Bavaria smoking ban in all restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs and other entertaining establishments is in force. It is the most rigid anti tobacco action from existing in Germany ever. Cigarettes lovers can be content only with isolated special smoking rooms. Many parliamentarians consider this bill to be an impairment of smokers rights. To all appearances the last word will belong to organizers of famous Oktoberfest and to the owners of countless pubs. Hardly millions of drunk smokers from different parts of the planet will afraid of penalties and will put out their cigarettes.</p> <p>In France indignation prevails among the producers and sellers of tobacco products. After smoking ban was put into force, cigarettes sales reduced at 305%. As a result, The Union of Tobacco Products Sellers addressed to the president of the country. Nicolas Sarkozy promised to take measures, emphasizing that the bill won't be revised.</p>