Tobacco Company was insulted by the book of Hemingway in the form of cigarettes pack <p>British design company Tank faces suit from the direction of transnational tobacco concern British American Tobacco for the edition of book, designed as a cigarettes pack. According to the lawyers of BAT Company, the book of Hemingway, which contains abridged versions of The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The Undefeated, resembles the pack of Lucky Strike what is copyright infringement and the company can become disreputable. The Guardian reports that British American Tobacco intends to obliterate the edition on Tank suing out.</p> <p>Tank company published some books of famous adapted classic literature in cigarettes format in the context of the series Tales to Take Your Breath Away. The appearance of the books was dated for smoking ban introducing in Great Britain. Funny books turned out to be popular Christmas presents. Series includes also adapted tales Tolstoy, Conrad, Kafka and Kipling.</p> <p>According to the representatives of British American Tobacco, the book of Hemingway from the series Tales to Take Your Breath Away exposes the company to difficulties. BAT offers cigarettes only to adults, and the appearance of books with cigarettes design can mislead consumers: they can think that the company is trying to advertise its production in such a way. People from Tank suppose hardly there are smokers who cannot distinguish book from cigarettes pack.</p> <center><img src="" alt=""></center>