Law breakers will have to pay 68 Euro for cigarettes smoking <p>France decided to give up smoking in New Year. Since the 1st of January smoking ban in public places was put into force in France. The struggle against cigarettes smoking began in France one year ago when smoking was forbidden in all public establishments. Beginning from 2008, French people are not allowed to smoke in pubs, cafes, restaurants, casinos and discos. Smoking ban obliged the owners to provide their establishments with special smoking rooms with expensive ventilating system. If they do not have possibility to purchase such equipment, people will have to smoke cigarettes outside.</p> <p>It should be mentioned that France is one of the most smoking countries in Europe, almost one third of the population at the age of 15&#8208;75 are smokers. Besides, cigarettes and tobacco are sold in cafes, bars and restaurants, but not in stalls or cigarette vending machines. And French smokers prefer to smoke their cigarettes near the bar counter drinking a cup of coffee. Hardly would they like to smoke outside.</p> <p>Haunters are indignant with such measures. Some say that taking into considerations existing situation, I would rather smoke my cigarettes at home with a cup of coffee. Law breakers will have to pay 68 Euro for cigarettes smoking. The owners of the establishments will have to pay 135 Euro. With this, people put up with smoking ban in office more quickly than it was expected.</p> <center><img src="" alt=""></center>