How to smoke a cigar <p>Being first time cigar smoker put off this occasion for the weekend or evening after snacks or the main dish; alone or with your friends. Good cognac or whisky should be in your liqueur cabinet. Create minimal comfort: armchair, table. Ask your relatives not to disturb you for some time.</p> <p>It is better not to touch cigar ribbon because cigar outer envelope may be spoiled. You can remove it at the end of smoking if it disturbs you, it will become more pliable by this moment. If cigar tip is closed, cut it off carefully almost up to the whole thickness. With this the part of the top should remain on cigar in order outer envelope does not come unrolled. Use special cigar guillotine cutters for cutoff. If you do not have such instruments, do it with the help of sharp knife.</p> <p>Use cigar matches for lighting, which you can purchase in tobacco stores, or you may also use butan lighter. Heat up your cigar during several seconds, holding it at the distance of 2,5 cm from the short flame. Puff at cigar, rotating and making small inhalations, such techniques provides straight burning. The process of lighting up may take about 3 seconds. Smoke easy, intensive smoking does not give you true pleasure, cigar becomes hot, and the flavor is too strong.</p> <p>The chosen temp of smoking is a compromise of cigar morphology, its strength and inhalation, you temperament and receptivity to flavor and strength. If cigar is off, shake off ashes carefully, warm up the tip and light it again. Smoke and get pleasure from this process.</p> <center><img src="" alt=""></center>