Pipe smoking <p>The history of smoking is rooted in the past. Scythians liked to breathe the smoke of dried plants, various nations used smoke as the component of magic rituals. It is unknown who was the first person to whom the idea to inhale smoke came to. In 4&#8208;5 centuries C.A. people tried to use stems or hollow bones of animals. However such pipe prototypes did not suit them anymore. Human imagination does not have limits, there were enough materials for free creation. Great&#8208;great&#8208;pipes from clay and wood appeared. Gradually pipes acquired forms of present smoking pipes. First pipes of such form were found in America.</p> <p>Besides quinine, trepanation of the skull and potato, America natives introduced tobacco and smoking pipes to Europeans. The thing which became a kind of getting pleasure for American Indians was one of the methods of spiritual contact. It does not matter if they smoked tobacco during such rituals or did not. Such kind of smoking may be compared with sacrifice. Every nation has its own methods of spiritual contact. Pipes made from red stone or clay decorated with figures of people and animals were family relic among Indians. The form of pipe varied.</p> <p>Indians were very practical and ingenious. They could enjoy smoking sitting near the fire. Then they invented pipe tomahawk which was very convenient, they could smoke and kill enemies with the help of this device. With the time smoking pipes spread all over the world.</p> <center><img src="http://cigline.net/image/22.jpg" alt=""></center>