Penthouse and cigars <p>Sex can sell cigars. This idea came to the mind of Michael Hachikian, the founder of Club De Players, in his dream. Once during Long Island party Michael was chatting with friends and their conversation took another turn. The matter concerned sex. Michael came home, went to bed, saw a dream and in the morning he wrote it down.</p> <p>In his dream, Michael saw excellent marchitecture for cigar selling. He decided to get in touch with publishers of Penthouse magazine and to join talents. He thought over creation of new cigar line and wanted to collaborate with Penthouse promoting both products at the market. Michael saw as in magical mirror: beauties from Penthouse sell his cigars. Publishers treated his idea with enthusiasm and humour, and in half a year the project began. Opening glass tube with cigar Penthouse, we see that it is rolled into satin four colored sheet with images of beautiful women on both sides. The cover is changed every month in accordance with a queen pretty, so cigar pack is never repeated what is the additional advantage for smokers and collectors. Penthouse cigars included small Churchill cigars of perfect blending. Blending is made in Honduras: cigar outer envelope Talanga, tobacco from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Experts praise cigar for balancing, rich flavor. Penthouse cigars are sold in boxes (20 cigars in each).</p> <p>Penthouse gave Michael incredible support. Moreover, Penthouse cigars began advertising campaign in other magazines for men, such as Maximum. Then Michael Hachikian addressed for advertising support for Hollywood actress Raquel Welch and soon he understood that it was worthy of it.</p> <p>In Las Vegas cigar lovers were standing in line to become aquatinted with beautiful women and to get autograph. And of course they were looking for smoking cigars.</p> <center><img src="" alt="Penthouse and cigars"></center>