Davidoff brend <p>Davidoff cigars were very popular all over the world. Aficionado from all the countries and continents note that Davidoff cigars differ from other Cuban cigars. Stainless quality and original pack in combination with correctly marketing policy made these cigars the etalon of Cuban cigars quality. Today Cuban Davidoff became the object of collecting, true experts can consume it only at auctions. Especially such cigar lovers can be met in USA, where Davidoff had stunning effect.</p> <p>Besides cigar, Zino Davidoff had great variety of cigarettes, including one of the oldest European brand Laurens made from exclusive Turkish tobacco. Ernst Schneider, who worked in this company, jointed into this business. They had known each other for a long time, and when Zino decided to retire on a pension, Schneider made proposal to Zino, he could not declined. He offered a big sum for the usual tobacco store. Many businessmen could not understand what such interest to Davidoff was caused by. The agreement was signed in 1969, however there was mentioned in this document that Zino would continue work in business. Gradually marketing development Of Davidoff brand turned into hard and serious work. Today the name Davidoff is known all over the world due to doctor Schneider and his fellows. By 80s the quality of Cuban cigars reduced, from time to time awfully rolled cigars from excellent tobacco were imported. The Davidoff name was put on the line and Zino could not stand it. Complains about downward quality of cigars came in Empresa Cubana del Tabaco, which was blamed in negligence and connivance. In 1990 sensational headlines Havanes an Feux (Havanas on Fire) were splattered in all Swiss press. Zino burned down all supply of Cuban Davidoff cigars.</p> <p>Dominicana, the Caribbean pearl, where Christopher Columbus was buried, became the new house for Davidoff cigars. Zino found a factory in Santiago de Los Cabalieros. It was named Tabadom, and under the direction of Hendrick Kelner, the production was resumed. For 12 years Davidoff became the individual owner and he controlled everything, from seeds to smoke. Zino Davidoff died in 1994. Zino remained With his last accord the delightful saga of his life blew over, dissolved in space, as friendly smile, as wise word, as blue imperishable smoke.</p> <center><img src="http://www.cigline.net/image/davidoff.jpg" alt=""></center>