Chocolate for smokers <p>Scientists from Germany and Switzerland imparted good news for smokers. They found out how to avoid unpleasant consequences because of friendship with tobacco without great expenses. According to the research work, the best helper in health protection is a bitter chocolate.</p> <p>The group of scientists from the University of Zurich and German Society of cardiologists, the bar of chocolate with cacao content more than 75% in protects from diseases of cardiovascular system. As the researches assert, consumption of chocolate (40g) increases functionality of vascular walls and improves the work of vascular system. Besides, chocolate reduces so called agglutination of platelets, which causes formation of clot, reducing blood flow. The specified doze is enough for the smoker for 8 hours during which chocolate shows positive influence on blood circulation. After that, smoker has to ask chocolate for help again.</p> <p>Scientists managed to discover new medical property of chocolate during the test, 25 cigarette lovers took part in. The average age of each smoker was 26 years old. Some smokers were offered black chocolate, others ] white chocolate. As a result of the experiment scientists found out that in the first case the product had beneficial influence on organism of smokers, in the second one none influence was observed. As the experts assume, the medicinal properties of chocolate is based on the fact that cacao contains antioxidants, which have stimulating action on vascular system. Thus, cigarette smokers can eat this sweet product after every smoking.</p> <center><img src=></center>