Thoughts about smoking <p>In our times, full of negative, annoyance and troubles, there are pleasures available for us. Sometimes we give up smoking or smoke automatically, and the life becomes boring and monotonous. Sometimes it happens because of changes in tastes. Sometimes, the reason is fashion, tendencies, crazes. Every case has its own peculiarities and even side effects.</p> <p>Every person has rights to choose his living conditions, which give pleasure. Some people play in casino, tickle nerves at race track, some people draw, and breed animals. Some people smoke. Cigarette helps to concentrate, and the pleasure becomes the feeling of closeness to decision, good organization, clearness of thinking, cigarette allows to feel the joy of triumph. Another cigarette in other conditions gives mild slackness, relaxedness, carelessness. To forget about life troubles, to switch over yourself, your feelings, pleasures, desires. And what if a person refuses smoking owing to changes of tastes? It is nothing at all serious, nothing that could string up nerves.</p> <p>What if a person smokes but he does not like it anymore? This is the only case when all notorious methods are justified, because something that was a pleasure yesterday and that is a burden today is a bad habit actually. It occupies the place of other joys, which one can give oneself up to.</p> <p>But tastes change not so often. That is why smokers and especially women who smoke change sorts, try new flavors, blends, pay their attention to the style and appearance of cigarettes pack, experiment on cigars, pipes, hookahs. The limits of striking world of smoking are rather wide to find novelty, feel freshness of something unexplored. In this respect a great role belongs to advertisement, fashion or craze. Here the second dangerous occurrence takes place. It is dangerous in both forms: fashion on smoking and fashion on non]smoking. Self confident people use fashion as a compass, as a guide of possible variants.</p> <p>We are thankful to advertisement for information about new sorts of cigarettes, about novelties in cigarettes packs, about new tobacco blending. It is great, because it gives the opportunity to choose, well informed person always chooses from wide assortment. Freedom of choice is the best thing ever.</p> <center><img src=></center>