History of Philip Morris Company <p>The history of internationally known company originates from that moment when Philip Morris opened his only tobacco and cigarettes store in 1847 in London at Bond Street.</p> <p>After the death of Mr. Morris his wife Margaret and his brother Leopold inherited the business. In 1881 the Company became famous. Leopold Morris along with Joseph Grunebaum founded Philip Morris & Company and Grunebaum, Ltd. In 1885 these partner relations were over, and the company was renamed as Philip Morris & Co., Ltd.</p> <p>The Company was beyond the control of the family in 1894, when William Curtis Thomson and his family became the owners of it. During this time the Company had the honor to deliver tobacco goods to the court of Edward VII, and in 1902 it was registered by Gustav Eckmeyer as the corporation in New York. One half of the Company belonged to the English founder, another one ] to American partners. Beginning from 1872 Eckmeyer imported and sold cigarettes produced in England, being the only one representative of Philip Morris in USA.</p> <p>1919 became the turning point for the company. During this time Philip Morris acquired the emblem with a crown, Philip Morris Company in USA was taken up by the firm, belonged to the American shareholders, and the new corporation was registered in Virginia state under the name Philip Morris & Co., Ltd., Inc. By the end of the next decade the company begun to produce cigarettes on its factory in Richmond, Virginia state. In 1924 Marlboro cigarettes appeared, becoming the most famous brand of the company.</p> <p>By the middle of 50ths, the company became the part of American culture, and soon after this, Philip Morris International was founded and it was intended for the production and distribution of cigarettes all over the world.</p> <center><img src=http://www.lung-cancer-blog.com/images/blogs/6-2007/us-supreme-court-rules-against-phillip.jpg></center>