Virginia Slims renovation <p>Virginia Slims brand always prepares some surprise for adult smokers. This time, looking forward to spring spirits and desire for changes, it decided to renew the whole flavor line, and to refresh the design of packs. Virginia Slims Ultra Lights with smooth, silk flavor appeared in the new line. The tar and nicotine content in Virginia Slims Full Flavor was reduced, the tobacco blend in Virginia Slims Lights was renovated.</p> <p>Creative and communicative strategy was developed by the agency Leo Burnett Moscow, the partner of Philip Morris Sales and Marketing. The main idea of the campaign is renewing, freshness and art.</p> <p>Creative note is in every woman now. Taking into consideration the versatility of women individuality, Virginia Slims cigarettes give adult smokers one more possibility of self&#8208;expression; call not only to follow fashion tendencies, but also to create their own style, being inspired by Virginia Slims cigarettes.</p> <p>New smooth flavor with pleasant light nuances, new fresh colors on the pack, new design of logotype and new description of brand. The campaign aims at refined, good informed, intellectual adult women, who are keen on literature, cinema and creative work.</p> <img src=>