Create and study the tobacco smoke <p>Just as specialists talk about race of wine and the bouquet of perfume aroma, tobacco experts emphasize bouquet of cigarette smoke &#8208; is a combination of taste, aroma and sensible tactile characteristics such as sensations on lips and in one's mouth, which determine the appeal of cigarettes for smokers.</p> <p>With the help of chemical analysis and sensor testing, specialists of Nevo Tabak watch the consistency of cigarettes smoke. They also develop and test cigarettes with new flavor. This work is carried out in technological laboratory in factory.</p> <p>Tobacco craftsmen work on the development pf new cigarettes in the laboratory. Producing new cigarettes, experts from Nevo Tabak collaborate with foreign specialists. One of them is Barry Saintsing from USA. More than 30 years he has been working in one transnational tobacco company and today he is at the head of his own American Cigarettes Tobacco Company, which is in Winston&#8208;Salem, USA. In collaboration with Barry Saintsing tobacco blends for new Nevo Tabak cigarettes had been produced.</p> <center><img src=></center>