Bonafume cigarettes <p>New cigarettes, which are tested now in American town Newport, are called Bonafume. Company producer positions its cigarettes as medical product and as it is asserted, that therapeutic effect of Bonafume is approximately the same as inhaling of hot potato steam.</p> <p>By 70% Bonafume consists of neutral synthetic substance, which is called nico plastoid. This substance provides organism with necessary nicotine doze, but it splits into harmless components before penetration into lungs.</p> <p>The rest 30% of cigarette is medical herbs, mixed up in honey, which have good effect on general state of our organism and remove edemas, scratch in throat, asthmatic conditions and coughing spell. One can smoke Bonafume as often as he wants, but it is not recommended to exceed the limit of one cigarette pack per day. It is also noted in press release that passive smoke of these cigarettes does not cause harm to surrounding people, because there are not hazardous tars in smoke. Bonafume will be produced in three standard modifications, Classic, Lights and Super Lights.</p> <center><img src=></center>