The most expensive cigarettes in Californian prisons <p>Maybe exactly in this moment, the most expensive cigarette in the world is smoked by Californian prisoner. Prison Smoking ban in this state resulted in the following: tobacco in institutions of confinement left behind drugs and alcoholic drinks regarding shady overturn. For prisoners chasers cigarette became the same headache as weapon. The pack of Marlboro in prisons costs about $160, i.e. each cigarette costs $8.</p> <p>California is a state where there are 172 thousands of prisoners. With this, in contrast to many other states, in prisons where smoking restrictions are in force, smoking ban in California is applied not only to prisoners, but also to prisoner guards. There is neither special smoking room in prisons, no appointed hours for smokers, no legal tobacco sale.</p> <p>The problem is in the following: cigarettes smuggling in prisons is not punished so strictly, as drug sale. Tobacco seller in Californian prison earns about $5 000 monthly.</p> <center><img src=></center>