Dutch made harmless cigarette <p>Dutch engineer Evert Vilbenk could not stand smoking ban in public places. He invented harmless high tech cigarettes, which does not emit smoke. Smokers are expected to be able to use this cigarette in pubs and clubs of Great Britain. In outward appearance this cigarette does not differ from a usual one.</p> <p>But it contains a micro scheme inside, heating spiral, battery and a capsule with pure nicotine. In order to light it up, it is enough just to take it to the mouth. With a micro stream of the hot air nicotine fumes liberate and the smoker gets his doze of nicotine without additional substances, which are included in classic cigarettes. Micro scheme traces the process and the duration of smoking, and the battery gives energy.</p> <p>Vilbank said that this cigarette would not disturb surrounding people because it does not contain smoke and it is harmless. Traditional tobacco contains about 300 additions.</p> <p>Speaking about pure nicotine, which occurs in nature not only in tobacco leaves, but also is contained in tomato and sweet pepper, is not dangerous excluding only direct penetration in blood, says Vilbenk.</p> <p>Realization of new generation cigarettes in London will begin next year.</p> <center><img src=http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs21/300W/f/2007/237/c/4/The_Smoker_by_Falbanka.jpg></center>