Large lot of cigarettes is confiscated <p>Kathleen M. Rice, The District Attorney of Nassau County, reported that authorities confiscated about 600 thousand cartons of popular brands, including Marlboro and Newport. At least a half of these cigarettes are Chinese fakes. Also a large lot of fake Snickers have been found at the warehouse, and $350 thousand in cash has been found in the office.</p> <p>In the course of search, which was carried out last week at the warehouse of one district, three Chinese people were arrested. At the tables of the room, where press conference was held, the cartons of popular cigarettes brands and packs of hard cash were laid out. One could see the inscription Made in China on some cigarettes cartons.</p> <p>Fake cigarettes were sold for reduced prices in shops of New York districts. Approximate price of the uncovered lot of cigarettes is $3,4 mln. According to estimation of the Office of Public Prosecutor, only dues from such amount of cigarettes is more than 1$ mln.</p> <p>District attorney of Quince Richard Brown reported, that the offenders were charged with false marking and tax fraud. If they are brought in a verdict of guilty, they will face the prospect of 15 years of imprisonment for commercial counterfeiting and 4 years for tax fraud.</p> <p>Brown has mentioned that fake cigarettes do not respond to the accepted standards of New York. Cigarettes must have special equipment which will automatically put them out during the short period after lighting it up.</p> <center><img src=></center>