British American Tobacco about smoking <p>British American Tobacco produces high quality cigarettes which give pleasure to many adult purchasers of tobacco products all over the world. Along with pleasure, smoking interfaces risk of diseases. And the obvious is that it is not so easy to quit smoking.</p> <p>Most of the researches of the company in the field of production development are based on the working hypothesis that smoking is one of the reasons of certain diseases. Now, this point of view is the most acceptable for both purchaser and for the health authorities.</p> <p>For the most part, risk which interfaces smoking, is revealed in the course of epidemiological researches. The researches results show that long term smokers are exposed to the certain diseases to a greater extent than nonsmokers. Nevertheless, the results of statistical study do not confirm the fact that smokers, who smoke less, are less exposed to the diseases concerned smoking. Thus, we can accept the fact that smoking is hazardous for the health independently of the certain tobacco purchaser and the only one way to avoid the risk is to be nonsmoker.</p> <center><img src=></center>