Beer is allowed, cigarette is not <p>Earlier in Berlin underground railway stations people could smoke. And even in hospitals patients could smoke in special rooms. Since the 1st of September in Germany the law about second hand smoking has been put into force. Thus, this country is the last one affiliated with the antismoking campaign, which has started in EU.</p> <p>Last week, anxiety was not observed on stations. But taxi drivers are outraged. The chairman of taxi drivers union in Berlin Detlef Freutel is displeased. He said that very often they take many drunken passengers who want to smoke in taxi during the way.</p> <p>Now smoking is forbidden in public establishments of Germany. However, each land from 17 federal lands fixes its list of community offices. In Baden Wurttemberg and Lower Saxony smoking ban is applied to schools, hospitals, departments and restaurants, though in Stuttgart one can find restaurants for smokers.</p> <p>People who smoke sporadically will suffer from the law more. It will be difficult to pubs hunters, who smoke by the principle I smoke when I drink. Builder Gunter claimed that it is insane to drink beer and not to have right to smoke a cigarette. He supposes that it would not last for long.</p> <p>The visitors of the famous Oktoberfest in Munich will have opportunity to smoke in traditional beer states.Free State of Bavaria managed to gain allowance in contravention of law.</p> <center><img src=></center>