Watch, glass and cigarettes <p>Long time ago the prosperity of smoker could be determined by the presence or absence of cigarette case and by the material of this case, as well as its decor. The tradition is preserved, but cigarette cases are not so popular now, at least, among middle class. Probably, necessity to buy a pack of cigarettes and put them into another box is not so convenient. Though, there are slim cigars, which are sold in cigar cases.</p> <p>Well, lets leave cigarette cases and switch to cigarette pack. Strangely enough, cigarettes indicate what social group smoker belongs to. Cigarettes define image of person. Speaking about expensive cigarettes, it should be mentioned that in their decoration, the accent is put on different elements.</p> <p>Heraldry. The tradition to decorate cigarettes with emblems came from West. To tell the truth, emblems on Russian cigarettes look a little bit absurdly.</p> <p>Type. A whole book could be written about types, used for cigarette packs. Besides the fact that the type should correspond with the product name and reveal its features, it also should be read without difficulties at the distance of 1,5 m. In USA in the west, cigarettes name is written with contrasting straight letters.</p> <p>Color decision is determined by the traditions. Long time ago, cigarette concluded a treaty, according which packs of menthol cigarette are decorated in green tones, packs of light cigarette in grey blue spectrum, packs of classic cigarette in vinous, red spectrum.</p> <p>Relief stamping. As the cigarette pack is taken into hands, al least 20 times, buyers are not indifferent what it is by tough like. Recently, foil and relief stamping became almost the obligatory attributes of expensive cigarettes.</p> <p>Tobacco industry is still one of the most conservative industries as for design. There are several reasons explaining this fact. First of all, smoker gets used to the certain cigarette brand and its decoration. Secondly, every subgroup of the target group has a certain idea about the appearance of pack. Elegant design may damage to the sale of cheap products, too extreme design may scare away buyers of average age, too solid and strict one may scare away youth. The third reason is more prosaic. Changing of design is investment of money, which may not be recompensed, taking into consideration abovementioned reasons.</p> <center><img src=></center>