<h3>Philip Morris launched brand new pack for Marlboro</h3> <p>Philip Morris Sales and Marketing Company presented Marlboro cigarettes on the Russian market named the Club Marlboro Collection, Full Flavor, Lights and Ultra Lights. <p>The pack of brand cigarettes has the form of the cigarette case and it was developed specially for smokers, who visit the best clubs, bars and restaurants of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. <p>According to Frederick Stahl, the publicity director of Philip Morris Sales and Marketing Company, the special release is going to emphasize style and dynamism of the brand in new manner, which absolutely corresponds with club culture. <p>New Marlboro harmonizes with bright atmosphere of night club due to vanguard color and geometric decisions of packs design. <p>Last year the similar collection was presented in Italy, Hungary, Greece, and Poland. The cigarettes were issued in Duty Free stores of the biggest airports in European Union. In Russia club cigarettes appeared at the first of February, 2007 as limited edition. As the manager of public relations Irina Bahtina said, people could purchase the brand tobacco at special stores and supermarkets. The highest retail price of new cigarettes is the same as the price of usual Marlboro cigarettes. <p><center><img src=http://cigarettes-smoke.net/img_news/marlboro_pack_design.jpg>