<h3>Alternative retro</h3> <p>The plot of the movie Coffee and Cigarettes is short black and white films, in which heroes hold the discussions, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes... <p>The connecting link of all the shorts is the scene of action, bars and cafes in different parts of the world, where actors, musicians, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, discuss various topics, from classical music to alternative medicine and the harmful effect of coffee nicotine diet. <p>Jim Jarmusch is stuck to black and white film with the effect of grey halftone, which he often used during shooting the film; he also does not depart from his traditional expressive pauses and unhurried narrative rhythm, the plenty of rock n roll as soundtrack, which helps the director to create captivating cozy environment of original alternative retro. The participation of excellent actors, cult rock musicians and just interesting people makes Coffee and Cigarettes the film which has to be watched. <p>Nevertheless, in spite of the great temptation to finish the review with exclamation marks, I would not recommend this film to unprepared audience. In Coffee and Cigarettes as in many Jarmuschs works there are no action in traditional interpretation, integral part of the modern cinematograph. To some extent the movie is closely to a documentary film, to the home video which is made usually during parties. <p>I think that the movie is for the small circle of romantics, rock n roll lovers, underground esthetes or, at least for the people who is able to feel the simple beauty of moments, won over from daily fuss and spent on the cup of coffee in the company of interesting interlocutor. Coffee and cigarettes is worth to be seen, on the condition that it is your movie. <p><center> <img src=http://cigarettehouse.net/img_news/coffee_and_cigarettes.jpg>