<h3>Tobacco producers stake on outdoor advertising</h3> <p>The sum of advertising investments in outdoor advertising of tobacco products in 2005 was $24.45 million. And according to the results of the first half year it was spent $12.74 million on the given kind of advertising. <p>According to the statistics, the most advertised tobacco brands became Winston Lights, Pall Mall, Kent, Monte Carlo Lights, Marlboro and L&M Lights. <p>Outdoor advertising is one of the most widespread method of promotion and popularization of tobacco brands. Besides such advertising, there is also advertisement in mass media, information at points of sale for consumers, sponsorship or BTL. <p>At present time many politicians carry out partial ban on tobacco advertising, which includes also abolishment of outdoor advertising. <p>The representatives of tobacco industry say that advertisement has to inform purchasers. Producers should have possibility to inform buyers about trade names, especially in sale points says the corporate relation manager Philip Morris Ukraine Elena Homenko. She also mentions that the majority of market participants carry out the business on the basis of long-range planning, that is why the laws, which regulate tobacco products advertising, have to foresee the period of transition. <p>The ideas about outdoor advertising ban are based on the false postulate that people will smoke less says Dmitriy Redko And the ban of the most powerful advertising channel leads to the market laying-up. Various advertisement restrictions lead only to the aggravation of competition on the market for benefit of dominating player. <p>Elena Homenko also adds that the information about trade names is the basis of fair play. We are not against outdoor advertising ban. But any kind of unpredictable changes could lead to redistribution and transposition of powers on the market she says. <p>Mr. Krasovskiy says that in several countries where the tobacco advertising has been banned at all, tobacco consumption was reduced. At the same time advertising industry as a whole was not affected. Only some advertising agencies, which carried out tobacco advertising placement, have been affected. <p><center><img src="http://cigarettehouse.net/img_news/marlboro_Country.jpg">