<h3>How Philip Morris changes its advertizing concept. </h3> <p>American tobacco company Philip Morris changes its marketing concept. Cigarette manufacturers scales down their promotion action ADVENTURERS TEAM, they are winding up to reject from Formula 1 racing sponsoring. It looks as in a couple of years sport race viewers will forget Philip Morris brand advertisement completely. <p>Phillip Morris controls about 16 percent of word tobacco market. Its best seller brand is Marlboro which takes 8,4 percent of the world cigarettes sales. Company achieved this success thanks to Marlboro cowboy image and it supports him over last 50 years. <p><b>Mr. cowboy, are you a woman? </b> <p>Till the middle of 1950s Marlboro cigarettes were sold in white soft packs and were positioned as cigarettes for self-respected women. According to some reports, this brand had been controlling only 0,1 percent of tobacco market during that period. In 1954 company management made some marketing researches and decided to change Marlboro image. New targeted audience should become self-confident men. Firstly Marlboro cowboy appeared on the advertising panel, he was invented buy Chicago ad agency Leo Burnett. After the cowboy Philip Morris tried real aviators, fishermen and businessmen. <p>In 1962 company returned to cowboy image. In 2 years this image changed significantly appeared the whole cowboy country Marlboro country. <p>Soviet people got acquainted to Marlboro taste in 1977 when Philip Morris started to establish license cigarette manufacturing in USSR. In 1992 Philip Morris opened its representative in Russia, then regular cigarette supply started. <p>In February, 2000 Philip Morris started to produce Marlboro cigarettes on its factory Philip Morris Ijora in Petersburg, Russia. Till that date, from 1977 to 1986 cigarettes had been manufacturing under the license in Moscow, Petersburg, Baku, Suhumi, Kishinev. <p><b>Adventures to one's own harm</b> <p>Philip Morris launched 3 advertizing Marlboro campaign. In 1997-1999 Adventurers team special was carrying out. It was created by German company Adventure Tour in 1984. Russia was the last 20 country where Philip Morris decided to include in this campaign. Any adult person with driving license and external passport could send to sponsors a request for participation in this action. Winners were sent to the USA where they visited Utah and Colorado states. <p>In the beginning of 2001 Philip Morris declared that project is finished. They did not tell the reasons but most probably that the campaign was not successful. According to some reports, most part of special participants was more sportive than Phillip Morris wanted they did not smoke. <p>In spring 200 Philipp Morris renewed adventurer idea but only as a slogan. In spring in 22 Russian cities Marlboro billboard appeared. Over 830 of people were working on this campaign who provided people with special prizes on bars, restaurants and other places. They informed people about the rules of new Marlboro special. The same campaign was carrying out in different mass media sources. <p>Company does not open the sum of advertising budget. It is only known that edition of printed mass media with Marlboro advertisement is about 5 million of copies. Outdoor advertisement were placed on over 2 000 billboards of 6 meters at 3 meters size. <p>Finally, in 2000 Philip Morris came to art, especially to movies. The campaign was carrying out in Moscow and was called Marlboro Cinema Time. Cigarette consumers were offered to fill in the coupon and enclose 20 colored ribbons from Marlboro pack and to send these all to the sponsors. Coupons participated in prize drawing. <p><b>Old formula. </b> <p>Since 1974 Philip Morris have been advertising in Formula 1 racing. Marlboro cowboy is riding on Ferrari team cars which Michael Schumacher sticks up for. <p>After Hans Floori words, president of Phillip Morris Europe, Company is satisfied with the common work. This is despite of hundreds of millions dollars which Ferrari team spends on racing. However, European parliament and other countries make all efforts to send out cigarette manufacturers from racing. In February tobacco company management declared that most probably they will quit Formula 1 in 2006. <p>Thus, one more Marlboro men project will be finished. <p>What marketing campaign will launch Philip Morris in future, was not declared. <p> Doubtfully Phillip Morris will retire Marlboro cowboy which gave the brand popularity. However, there are some backgrounds for changing Marlboro image. We can only guess what will be Philip Morris marketing specialists´ decision. Probably they are little perplexed. <p><center><img src="http://www.cigarettehouse.net/img_news/Ferrari_team.jpg">