<h3>Careless struggle with smoking causes danger for life</h3> <p>British people, trying to quit smoking, are kept under observation in view of the messages about 18 smokers, who died of anti-smoking drugs (Zyban) consumption. <p>The representative of Zyban producer said that more than 15 million of people from different countries of the world applied these medicines, and during clinical research no evidences of high death hazard have been detected. <p>These pills are the first anti-smoking drug patented in Great Britain, which does not contain nicotine. <p>Drug Quality Control Committee of Great Britain sent out extra-warning to the physicians an patients regarding Zyban drug, with the help of which people can give up smoking. <p>Developed as antidepressant, Zyban showed rather good results in cases, when patients tried to get rid of nicotine addiction. However, the interaction between this drug and other medicines has not been studied. <p>Thus, 21-year-old Carrie Weston, stewardess of British Airways company died in hotel room in Nairobi as a consequence of epileptic attack after she took Zyban along with Chloro-hin(anti-malaria drug) and hypnotic.