<h3>Nicotine free cigarettes</h3> <p>In USA even cigarettes production may be justified by anti-tobacco aims. In anti-tobacco world appeared new brand of cigarettes (named Quest), for the manufacturing of which producer used genetically modified tobacco. <p>Scientists-genetics hit upon the idea to kill the gene in tobacco, which is responsible for the nicotine production. Being a weak drug, nicotine leads to smoking addiction and allows smoker get pleasure from the process. The producers of new sort of tobacco hope that they will manage to help inveterate smokers to quit their habit. Probably, scientists expect nicotine will be removed from the smoker´s organism while smoking Quest. Cigarettes will become vapid for smoker and soon he wont plain cigarettes at all. <p>According to specialists, cigarettes without nicotine differ from its light, superlight and ultralight analogues by its feature no matter how long you smoke these cigarettes the nicotine level in blood won´t increase (soon, it was noticed that smokers, who begin to smoke light cigarettes, do it more often in order to make up the nicotine deficiency). <p>Probably, genetics are right in their analysis, but hardly the consumer quality of product satisfies smokers, as coffee-lovers are not satisfied with decaffeinated coffee, and true gourmets with soy meat. Besides, there is one more unpleasant feature of QUEST cigarettes: these cigarettes dont contain nicotine, but there are tars and other carcinogens. <p><center><img src="http://www.statenews.com/dispimage.phtml?image=5140">