<h3>Anti-tobacco advertising does not let people give up smoking </h3> <p>Anti-tobacco advertising hampers to stop smoking. It became known from the results of the investigation, carried out in Australia. During this research, more than one thousands of TV viewers at the age of 12-24 were questioned, BBC reports. <p>It turned out that anti-tobacco commercial before movie, in which the smoking process looks rather attractively, does not strengthen the motivation of smokers to quit this habit. <p>On the whole, the research has shown that such advertisement effects only those who donít smoke at all. <p>Scientists explain this fact with the following idea: smokers are bored of the state when everybody dictates how they have to behave and thrusts the way of life they are not accustomed to. <p>Researchers interrogated 1300 of cinema-lovers in order to determine how anti-tobacco advertisement changes their views on smoking. Commercial about the harmful effect of smoking has been watched before the movie by more than the half of respondents, the rest of the viewers were not shown the commercial. <p>After the cinema-show 25% of smokers who didnít watch the commercial, said that they hardly would quit smoking. The same answer was given by 39% of people, who watched the commercial. <p>For comparison: the number of non-smokers Ė the participants of the poll Ė who didnít change their negative attitude towards smoking during watching the commercial exceeds the number of those non-smokers who didnít watch the commercial (96%-94%). <p>Scientists mentioned that anti-tobacco commercial could hit the mark. However, some conditions have to be met. Thus, Diane Bull, the head of the research group, urges the authors of such commercials to be careful and restrained. According to Ms. Bull, unnecessary obscenity causes counteraction from the audience. With this, the efforts of smoking-fighters come to naught, when people watch their favorite heroes with cigarettes in the movie. <p><center><img src="http://www.metroimaging.co.uk/creative/images/500px/044.jpg">