<h3>Absolutely new cigarettes. </h3> <p>European commission is going to ban traditional cigarettes all over Europe and substitute them with tobacco goods that go out by themselves. <p>In 2-3 years Europe will smoke new cigarettes which go out by themselves if they are not smoked. <p>The secret of such cigarettes is in the stripes (2 or 3 stripes) of nonporous paper like speed bump: when fire goes till these stripes he needs the smoker to go over them. If cigarette is not smoked, it fades out in 2 minutes. <p>This is s nice news! This innovation will save lives, - tells British member of Euro parliament Arlin McCarty. It occurs when people come home drunk, or drink at home then fell asleep on the sofa with the cigarette in their hand and then fire begins to spread. Fire safe cigarettes will cut down the risk of such cases. <p> <center> <img src="http://firesafecigarettes.org/assets/images/kickoff/KimThomas.jpg">