<h3>Smokers are forced to be dismissed from office </h3> <p>The owner of insurance company "Weyco Inc." used an unusual method of health care of his employees. In order to make his people give up smoking, he simply put an ultimatum. The employers were proposed to choose either to give up their habit or to loss their job. <p>71-year-old Howard Weyers, the founder and the only one owner of "Weyco Inc." has been struggling for the health of his employers for a long period of time. Last year he banned smoking in places belong to the company, then he demanded nicotine content tests from his people, and finally he introduced the system of periodical medical examinations of employees. <p>As a result, at the least 20 people from 200 gave up smoking cigarettes. However, it wasn’t enough for the businessman. According to his next decree, employees could not smoke not only in office but also at home. The control will be carried out with the help of the same urine examinations, and if the result is positive the person will be fired immediately. <p> "I'm not going to violate the people’s rights not at all," – said Howard Weyers in the interview to Reuters’ reporter. – If the employee doesn't agree to the demands made by the company, he just can change the place of work. And I don't think that I demand something unusual – I just want my employees to care about their health". <p>By the way, smoking is not the only one harmful habit, declared "non grata" in "Weyco Inc.". Now, Weyers works on the program of measures towards protection of employees from overeating and excess weight. He has the following plans: the organization of dietitians’ consultations, establishment of special "feeding center" in office, where people will get only health food and special financial reward for those, who leads healthy way of life. <p>It has to be mentioned that according to the experts, the initiative of "Weyco Inc." may be supported by other companies also. And the reason of imposing such restrictions in their case may be not even the concern about people' health, but just a banal pursuit of profits. The point is that because of permanent growth of prices of medical service, loss of profits, concerned with temporary disability of people and necessity of their treatment payment, becomes rather noticeable in many companies. For the elimination of this "expense item" businessmen can even resort to the dismissal of specialists, who are not ready to give up habits on their own. <p> <img src="http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/42866000/jpg/_42866803_nearfar_bbc_416.jpg">