<h3>Alcohol and cigarettes prolong live </h3> <p>Italian long-liver Rafaela Moni who is 109 years old tells that moderate using of alcohol helped her to save her health and force during all her live. <p> She was born on 1898 at Sicily island. Everyday before going to sleep she drinks a glass of vodka. This beverage is like elixir of life and youth for her. She had been living for 76 years with her husband and they lived happy day together. In 1999 she became a widow and from that year she lives alone. Although she is not alone completely she is the head of 117 descendants. By the way, Rafaela Moni is not the only citizen of Sicily who is so aged. Her compatriot who considered the oldest man in Italy died when he was 112. <p> Ms Moni is not the only one who drinks alcohol. Thus, 100 year old man in China village Chijan Shutzin thinks he can't live without cigarettes and alcohol. He began smoking and drinking when he was young and does it till this time when has dinner. His grandson counted that for his long live his grandfather drank 15 tons of vodka and smoked more than 1 ton of tobacco. He also eats a lot. His usual dinner includes 2 trotters, a dish with fat pork with the rice, fruit and vegetables. <p> <img src="http://www.kleo.ru/img/items/oldw.jpg">