<h3>Cigarette filter </h3> <p>Filter is a device from porous material on the tip of the cigarette. It has to absorb moisture, tar, nicotine and other admixtures. Filter also may present a special holder, in which one put cigar or cigarette (holder). The most popular filter in the whole tobacco industry is cellulose acetate filter. Filter-makers use secondary cellulose acetate which contains 5-10% of triacetate glycerol as a connecting-link. <p>Acetated filters reduce coming of suspended smoke’s particles into the human organism. However, some of carcinogens, nitrosamines in particular, are removed by such filters selectively. <p> <img src="http://www.gallaher-group.com/images/corporate/relationship_gallaheruk_07_01.gif"> <p>Common filters remove only some part of suspended particles from smoke. The effectiveness of cigarette smoke filtration may be intensified by reducing of fiber diameter and increasing of filter’s length, or adding certain substances to the fiber. <p>The tobacco producers use activated carbon as addition. It is known for its property to remove some components from smoke selectively. For example, charcoal filters can hold about 40% of carbon monoxides and nitric oxides, 80% of hydrogen cyanide and 70% of benzene. <p>Moreover, filter is a ventilator, which cools the temperature of inhaled smoke. <p>The analysis o the filter used for <a href="http://www.cigline.net/">CIGARETTES</a> shows the high degree of dependence between method of filter’s ventilation and the type of cigarette. <p>Cigarettes producers supply their “smoking sticks” with up-to-date, special filters, which have to reduce tar and nicotine content in cigarette smoke. <p>The group of Italian researchers came to the conclusion that green tea is able to reduce or even to remove completely the harmful nicotine’s effect in cigarette. The first tests during which cultivated green tea leaves were added into the cigarette’s filter, gave unexpected results. NanoFilterCX cigarette filter, developed in USA, is able to decompose harmful substances by microorganisms. The area of fiber surface is enlarged in filter; the ventilation of smoke’s stream is carried out across the fiber surface. The use of such filter in cigarettes implicates the pure taste and the reduction of dangerous particles in it. <p>Pay your attention to the following: in the filters of many cigarettes brands are made the smallest through-holes, which provide inhaling of the additional air in the smoking process. Thus smoker inhales less harmful substances during smoking. Usually smokers are not aware of such through-holes in cigarette filter, and these holes may be situated rather close to the filter’s tip. That’s why during smoking the holes may be automatically blocked by fingers or lips. <p>Not without reason in the ad of its Parliament “One” brand, such famous cigarette producer as Philip Morris Products S.A. adds, speaking about tar and nicotine content: “Indeed tar and nicotine content you consume will depend on the way you smoke cigarettes.” For example, during the blocking of holes tar content is 5 mg instead of 1mg. <p>However, in spite of all the innovations in the field of facilitating the smoker’s habit, the call about giving up smoking remains urgent.