<h3>Skin-care for smokers </h3> <p> Everybody knows about hazardous effect of smoking. Many people guess why it is harmful. But not everybody manage to give up this habit. Nobody is ready to drop after one, two or even five cigarettes. But, God forbid if something happens with our beautiful face (especially if you are a woman). <p> Letís try to eliminate all the defects. What can we do when we want to smoke and to keep our skin healthy at the same time? Itís possible to prevent negative circumstances of this harmful habit. For this purpose, itís necessary to carry out the intensive complex of cosmetology procedures. But, first of all we have to learn the heart of the problem. <p> <b>Maybe it is not so necessary? </b><p> Tobacco belongs to the widespread consumable harmful substances. Substances, contained in tobacco, affect the central nervous system, creating relaxing feeling without inebriation. Poisonous alkaloid - nicotine Ė in low dozes has simulating effect. It make person feel relaxation for a while. Thatís why during stress, being scared or nervous, many smokers want to have a cigarette to relieve stress. Nicotine causes damage both to lungs and to skin. Out skin is always subjected to adverse effect of smoke. As a result Ė corneal layer scleroses, collagenic skin structure is destroyed and wrinkles appear on the face. <p> </b>Careful peeling </b><p> Smoking men and women have to clean the face skin regularly. After the first cleaning, itís necessary to make the chemical one with a help of the special smooth gel in order to remove cornification, which appears on forehead, chin and cheeks. <p> You can also make peeling with the use of sea salt and enzymes. This procedure will be more effective if it lasts 10 minutes. Peeling with enzymes will remove cornified particles and skin fat. The rest of the peeling cream is removed with frimator. You have to keep in mind the fact that mechanical peeling is not recommended if you have sensitive skin. <p> <b>Stimulation of blood circulation </b><p> If your skin is not very sensitive, you can make detergent mask, which stimulates blood circulation in the top layers of skin and softens fatty plugs. This will facilitate its removal later on. Then the skin is carefully cleaned with a lancet or hollow needle and cleansed. And only after these procedures active materials, which stimulate the blood circulation, are applied to the face: vitamin A, fruit acids, collagens, elastins and Qelee Royale, which is able to keep moisture. Fat-containing preparations produce less effect, it is recommended to use them together with electrophoresis. <p> The next procedure is a mild relaxing massage which can be more energetic if the skin is not very sensitive. You can use any kind of O/W-emulsion as a cream for massage. Having finished with massage, the constringent mask Ė lifting or collagenic linen mask is applied on the skin. All kind of masks, which contain biologically active non-fat base, fit smokersí skin. Concentrates and masks promote intensive skin moistening. For irritated skin round eyes are used collagenic packets, which are put during the mask procedure. The rest of the mask is removed after a while with a warm compress and then biologically active substance is applied on skin (also moisturizing day cream or make-up). <p> <b>Day-after-day care </b><p> In order to provide optimal skin care, a woman-smoker has to carry out necessary procedures systematically, also domiciliary. Light enzyme peeling for cornified cells removal is very useful. Itís enough to be applied once a week. The courses of treatment with concentrates of biologically active substance are necessary for intensive skin moistening. The irritated skin round eyes has to be treated with special care agent. <p> Regular skin care in beauty shop and domiciliary though wonít absolutely prevent from negative smoking effect, but it will keep it from premature aging. <p>